General Questions
What is the maximum number of zones in an analysis region that can be defined in TELUM?

Initial Data Entry Unit (IDEU)
Can there be less than four types or households of employment defined in the model?

Data Organization and Preparation Unit (DOPU)
In the last DOPU worksheet, “Conversion Matrix”, the cells of the "Output Table: Employment-to-Household Conversion Matrix" and/or "Input Table 3: Employment at Place of Work" tables have "#DIV/0!" value.

MAPIT Mapping Module
Can MAPIT be used with AcrGIS version prior to 8.3?
I am migrating to a new version of ArcGIS (from 9.0 or 9.1 to 9.2). What do I need to do to keep the TELUM mapping module compatible with ArcGIS?
MAPIT incorrectly identified the zones with the largest area, employment, and population after DOPU spreadsheet.
I am getting the following error when I try to open Map It in order to review DOPU inputs: “Create Difference Actual Value Quintile Class Breaks Renderer: Error # 9 Subscript out of range. Map It is shutting down.“

Travel Impedance Processing Unit (TIPU)
My impedance data is stored in an Excel spreadsheet. However, TELUM requires that impedances be formatted and saved in a text file. How can I convert my Excel spreadsheet to an appropriately formatted text file readable by TELUM TIPU?
I am getting the following error on the screen P5.30.8 in the TIPU module: “Run-time error ‘13’: Type mismatch.“

Model Calibration Processing Unit (MCPU)
I have made changes in the IMPD.txt file. Do I need to re-calibrate the model?
I have made changes in the DOPU spreadsheet for the lag and/or current year. Do I need to re-calibrate the model?

Model Forecast Calculation Unit (MFCU)
I am getting the following error on the screen P7.45 in the forecasting module: “Run-time error ‘11’: Division by zero.“

Can TELUM read/import GIS file types other than ESRI Shape format (e.g. TransCAD files)?

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