Project Mission:
To continue the development and nationwide deployment of information-management and decision-support systems designed to assist planning agencies in meeting the transportation planning and programming requirements of SAFETEA-LU.


TELUS is a fully functional, integrated, computerized information-management and decision-support system, designed specifically for metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and state departments of transportation (SDOTs). The main purpose of TELUS is to provide user-friendly, comprehensive, and efficient tools for managing Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP), while meeting the planning and programming requirements of SAFETEA-LU.

TELUS, the flagship application of the TELUS program, is available in three platforms: TELUS for the PC, TELUS for the Network, and TELUS for the Web. All platforms provide similar functionalities and are customizable, allowing specific features to be tailored according to a user's needs and requirements. The system for the PC is well suited for agencies where a single computer is used for development and management of the TIP. The network platform is similar to the PC platform, but it allows multiple users within the same agency to participate in TIP development and management using multiple workstations. The web platform is designed for multi-agency applications and it allows users from different agencies to access the system via internet. It also employs web tools to facilitate public participation in the TIP process allowing the public to review the TIP data and to submit their comments and suggestions on-line.

Another product of the TELUS Program is a pioneering transportation and land use model TELUM. TELUM is an integrated interactive software package for evaluating the land use impacts of regional transportation improvement projects. The software is based on the well-known DRAM/EMPAL models and is designed to produce long-term forecasts of population and employment and the corresponding needs for land and space in a designated planning area. It is designed primarily for small- to medium-sized MPOs and provides an easy to understand and navigate user interface and model development environment. TELUM is available as a standalone software application and is distributed separately from the TELUS applications.

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