Choose the TELUS for Network installation option if the TIP data will be residing in a database on a server, and multiple users will be accessing the data from the client PC stations through a LAN (Local Area Network).

TELUS for the Network-Server

The Network Server application should be installed on the server that will be accessed by the TELUS users from their individual PCs. The Network Server application should be installed prior to installing individual TELUS Network Client application on users’ desktop PCs.

TELUS for the Network-Client

Please make sure that the Network Server application is properly installed on the LAN server before installing the Network Client application(s).

The Network Client application will provide the interface on the local client systems that will be used for data input, reporting, and other data management functions. The Network Client application needs to be installed on each PC that will be used to run the TELUS system. Follow the instructions for connecting the client application to TELUS database previously installed on the LAN server.

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