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Land Use Forecasting Models For Small Areas in North Carolina: NCDOT RP 2012-03
     Presented At: NCAMPO Conference, Raleigh, NC, April 30, 2015
     Authors: Joseph Huegy, Brian Morton, Branislav Dimitrijevic
TELUS and e-STIP - An Electronic Bridge Between MPO, SDOT, FHWA & FTA
     Presented At: 2011 AMPO Annual Conference, October 26, 2011
     Authors: Lazar N. Spasovic, Pavani Borra, James Vari (NJDOT), Michael Lucas (MVRPC)
Application of TELUM by the Pikes Peak, Colorado, Area Council of Governments: Lessons Learned in Colorado Springs
     Published in: Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Volume 2119/2009, pp. 45-53, November 27, 2009
     Presented At: the 88th Annual Meeting of the TRB, January 2009
     Authors: Craig T. Casper, Jason O'Brien, Mary R. Lupa, Branislav Dimitrijevic, Maureen Paz de Araujo
TELUS Program Presentation
     Presented At: Florida DOT Conference, April 2, 2008
     Author: Lazar N. Spasovic
TELUM Overview Presentation
     Presented At: TMIP Web Knowledge and Information Exchange Seminar (webinar), September 20, 2007
     Author: Branislav Dimitrijevic
TELUM: Interactive Software for Integrated Land Use and Transportation Modeling
     Authors: Lazar N. Spasovic, Branislav Dimitrijevic, Stephen H. Putman
Socioeconomic Forecasting with the Transportation Economic Land Use Model (TELUM)
     Presented At: 2007 Western Plains MPO Conference, April 24th–26th, Rapid City, South Dakota
     Authors: Jason O’Brien, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG)
TELUM Case Study: Des Moines Area MPO
      Developed by the TELUS team for demonstration purposes.
A Utilization Assessment of the TELUS Land-Use Model for Middle-Size Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs)
     Authors: Georgia Pozoukidou & Stephen H.Putman
Electronic Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (e-STIP) for New Jersey Department of Transportation
     Authors: Brochure developed by the TELUS team

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