1. Customize and Design Services:
Our experienced staff will help you customize and design the user interface as per your requirements. This service will also include incorporating the GIS functionalities into your application.

2. Data Services:
Our staff has combined their extensive experience in developing and using their knowledge of contemporary database theory to design databases that are highly responsive to each organization's needs. Data services include importing existing data into TELUS and customizing reports as per your requirements.

3. Programming Services:
Our programming staff use the latest software tools available to furnish high-quality and state-of-the-art applications. If you would like to add new modules to the existing TELUS application, this is the kind of service you are looking for.

4. Implementation and Integration Services:
Implementation and Integration Services are tailored to support users requiring assistance throughout the implementation of TELUS. Our goal is to help our clients move through the implementation process quickly and efficiently, implementing their own system during different stages of development while teaching them about the technology so they can become self-sufficient in the use of TELUS.

      University Heights | Newark, NJ 07102 | 973.596.5700 | telus@njit.edu