TELUS is a research and innovation program whose mission is to develop and deploy a fully integrated information management and decision support system help MPOs and State DOTs develop their transportation improvement programs (TIP)

...and carry out other transportation planning responsibilities,

...particularly enable public participation and transparency in the transportation planning process implementing interactive web tools, including mapping and visualization of TIP projects.

TELUS software tools are developed and maintained by NJIT with the support of a grant from the Federal Highway Administration. TELUS is recognized as the FHWA Priority, Market-Ready Technology and Innovation (T&I).

Information Management
GIS Interface

Demonstration website for WebTELUS is developed using the New Jersey TIP data. The terminology and navigation is customized for New Jersey DOT. NJIT will work with the interested agencies to customize the application to their needs. If your agency would like a demonstration of the fully functional application, please contact TELUS team.


Demonstration website for TELUS eSTIP is available for public viewing with limited functionality (modification, amendment, and obligation approval modules are not active). Click here to access the eSTIP demo website. If your agency would like a demonstration of the fully functional application, please contact TELUS team.

Use Modeling

TELUM is a an intuitive, user-friendly land use modeling software package that can be used for evaluating impacts of transportation improvement projects on regional location of jobs and households. The software guides the user through data input, model development, and forecasting process, and features an integrated ArcGIS mapping tool. Learn more?


Depending on individual agency? needs, TELUS team at NJIT will provide full support in implementation and deployment of TELUS, eSTIP, and TELUM application, including data integration, customization of user interface and reporting, web hosting, training , and user/technical support. Please contact TELUS team for details.

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